Time is money. Better tools save you time, and help you make money.

Down here you’ll find some of the apps and hardware I use to make my job easier. Some of these are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase after clicking them here I may get a percentage from each sale or app install.


FRENDEN’S CLIP STUDIO BRUSHES - I used to love making my own custom brushes, but it got so time-consuming. Thankfully Mr. Frenden made a few hundred of them, and he’s always working on new updates.

BLAMBOT FONTS - Great text resource for your comics and illustrations. I use Blambot’s “Ready For Anything BB” font in my comic WYIT.

CLIP STUDIO PAINT - Formerly MangaStudio. The program I do almost all of my digital drawing in. Great for illustrators, essential for comic artists. Its file management system for keeping track of huge numbers of comic pages has saved me hundreds of work hours.

AFFINITY PHOTO - I mostly use Affinity for text editing on images. A great, more affordable competitor to Photoshop.


QUICKBOOKS SELF-EMPLOYED - A LIFESAVER for any of you freelancers or creators making side-income. The Self-Employed app is super easy to use; swipe left for business expenses/income, swipe right for personal transactions, and then export it all in minutes when you gotta file taxes. The mileage tracker is really accurate too. You’ll never have to count up receipts for tax time again with this.

NORD VPN - Because nobody thinks about internet privacy until they lose it.

ABLETON LIVE - What I use for editing audio in my YouTube videos. I actually got this many years ago when I went through a short phase of experimenting with music production as a side-hobby.

BRAVE BROWSER - The only browser I use. Low RAM usage, fast, really robust adblocker and privacy controls. Also their Brave Rewards micropayment system is kind of like an internet-wide Patreon; tremendous potential for indie creators.


CINTIQ 22HD - My main drawing tool. Most people don’t need one this huge, but I have some old arm injuries that flare up if I draw too small or too tight. Working on a large surface helps me stay loose and mobile.

ERGOTRON LX DESK MOUNT ARM - What I have my Cintiq mounted on. This thing is TOUGH. Doesn’t wobble when I draw on it.

AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-M40x HEADPHONES - The best headphones I’ve ever had under $100, good for livestreaming. If you have trouble focusing, these are GREAT for blocking out distracting noises. They’re closed-back headphones so you can use ‘em in a library without disturbing other people. They’re advertised as studio-monitoring headphones, but they’re actually wonderful for general music listening.

BLUE SNOWBALL MICROPHONE - The mic I use for my video recording and livestreams. I actually don’t own it, I’m just borrowing it from a friend (thanks again Jake, let me know when you need it back)

…More tool links to come!