WYIT is an all-ages graphic novel about a boy marked for death, a rogue soldier, and discovering friendship in a dark world.

Set in a Dieselpunk-Fantasy age of myth and machinery, the story of WYIT is a bit like if you took the anthropomorphic style of Redwall and the character dynamic of Terminator II, set in the aeronautic world of Nausicaä.

This comic is the result of my own experience as a boy dealing with loneliness in rural California, as well as my strange adventures later on in the Marine Corps and Afghanistan. It’s an epic tale younger readers will enjoy, but has serious enough stakes that adults will definitely enjoy it too. Basically, it’s the graphic novel I wish the library had when I was 10.

The book is independently written and drawn by myself, and is currently in the inking stage of production.

The next step will be to launch a crowdfunding campaign to support the book’s completion and publishing as a fully-colored, printed graphic novel.